A ceremony of launching full-scale production of modern refrigerators under Samsung brand was held in Tashkent on 4 July 2016.
Trademark Artel launched a production of refrigerators under Samsung brand. The project with the cost of US$4 million was realized in cooperation with Samsung Electronics.

The project was realized by Polaris Technologies, which produces refrigerators under Artel brand. In the result of the project, the enterprise will increase its model line by four new models of refrigerators.

Within the project technological equipment and component parts were purchased from Korea, Japan, Italy and China. Installation works were performed by national specialists under the supervision of foreign engineers.

The company mastered production of Samsungs refrigerators of 290 and 320 liters. The Uzbek enterprise will use environmentally friendly refrigerant R-600 and inverter compressor with energy efficiency of A + class.

The localization level will make up 37.2% in the first stage. It is planned that the localization level will reach 45.8% by 2018.

The enterprise established strict quality control system, which eliminates defects at production. The enterprise also has accredited laboratory highly qualified specialists and modern equipment to ensure high quality of products.

This year, it is planned to produce up to 6,000 refrigerators under Samsung brand and increase production volume in 2017-2018. It is expected that the production volume will reach 50,000 units by 2018. The company also plans to launch exports refrigerators to neighboring countries with help of wide sales offices of Samsung.

Source:  Uzdaily.com