Pakistani daily newspaper Lead Pakistan has published detailed article on the upcoming elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Its author - Head of the Department on geopolitical issues of the magazine Defense Journal Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan, who took part in the parliamentary elections of 2014 in Uzbekistan as an international observer.

The article notes that in Uzbekistan the democratic values are manifested in its true purpose. "The country has provided all the rights and freedoms of individuals, regarding the ongoing reforms, they have a social direction and are focused on continuous improvement of the people’s well-being" - the author writes.

Later the article emphasizes that the Uzbek people, being directly involved in all political processes, take an active part in determining the future of their country through participation in elections. "2014-2015 parliamentary and presidential elections have shown convincingly that the electoral legislation of Uzbekistan fully consistent with generally accepted international standards, where each voter is absolutely free to give their vote and, in the end, makes the national elections", - notes Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan.

In this regard, the newspaper writes, that now in Uzbekistan the preparation for the presidential elections are in full swing. It is emphasized that in accordance with the Law "On elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the Central Election Commission prepares and conducts the elections, based on the principles of transparency and openness.

"In Uzbekistan, as in other democratic countries, the people elect their representatives in governments through direct voting. In connection with the upcoming presidential elections all political parties of the country have begun consultations in order to advance the nomination of presidential candidates, the author notes. - They have equal rights to participate in elections and equal opportunities for the organization of meetings with the electorate, campaigning and dissemination through the media of their election programs."

The Pakistani newspaper draws the attention of the readers that in Uzbekistan, each political party has the right to appoint an observer in each polling station. Representatives of the print media, television and radio, as well as observers from other countries and international organizations have the right to monitor the presidential elections.

"In Uzbekistan for years of independence has managed to form a strong and capable civil society, which is one of the most open and politically active in the region. The political processes civil institutions, which have always played a role of the so-called "control commission", will actively participate in the upcoming presidential election. This is in line with international democratic standards and generally accepted electoral standards,"- emphasizes the Pakistani commentator.

According Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan, an objective monitoring by international observers plays a crucial role in the successful conduct of elections. "Uzbekistan, as a democratic and open government, and this time plans to invite international observers to monitor the progress of the preparation and conduct of the upcoming presidential elections."

An author writes that international observers participating in elections are designed to give an objective assessment on the transparency and openness of the electoral process, respect for fundamental principles of democracy.

In this context, he notes that the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan has sent to the address of the OSCE ODIHR, CIS Executive Committee, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, OIC and the World Association of electoral bodies, official invitation to take part in monitoring the presidential elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Lead Pakistan concludes that Uzbekistan has created all the conditions for the monitoring of the election process on the part of the international observers, and non-governmental organizations. Their active participation in the monitoring of the forthcoming presidential elections, says the author with the confidence, further reinforce the spirit of justice, freedom and transparency of the electoral process in Uzbekistan.