19:10 / 03.11.2018
Gafur Rakhimov is elected new President of AIBA

Gafur Rakhimov, the Interim President of AIBA, is elected the President of the association, Kun.uz correspondent said.

As reported earlier, Mr. Rakhimov competed with Serik Konakbayev of Kazakhstan for the post of the International Boxing Association’s President.

Elections took place in the Russian capital on November 2-3, 2018. Following the results of the voting, Mr. Rakhimov, who won 86 supporters’ positive confirmation, was announced the new President of AIBA. His opponent Mr. Konakbayev got 48 votes, 3 ballots were not filled out.

Gafur Rakhimov, 67, will take over the post and head the International Boxing Association for the next 4 years.

According to the agenda of the meeting, following the announcement of the election results, the winners will speak and express their views. It is also expected that the date of the AIBA 2020 Congress will be announced.

It should be reminded that the main breakthrough on the first working day of the congress was a change in the organization's charter. In compliance with the new addenda, the president of the organization may, if necessary, take a break from his post for a certain period of time.

This amendment to the Charter was introduced as a measure to mitigate conflict between the AIBA and the International Olympic Committee.

For information, Gafur Akhmedovich Rakhimov was born in 1951 in Tashkent. He graduated from Leningrad Engineering and Economic Institute.

Mr. Rahimov started his career in 1975 as a Sales Coordinator at the Ministry of Commerce of the Uzbek SSR. He simultaneously worked as a boxing coach at the “Dynamo” MSK. 

Career in local and international sports:

1993 - 2012 Vice President of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan

1995 - 1998 Chairman of the AIBA Business Commission

1998 - Member of the AIBA Executive Committee

1999 - 2011 Vice President of the Asian Olympic Council

2001 - 2012 Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan

2002 - 2010 AIBA Vice President

2007 - 2008 President of the Asian Boxing Federation

2010 - 2014 President of the Asian Boxing Confederation

2011 - Vice President of the Asian Olympic Council

2003 - 2018 Vice President of AIBA

2018 - Acting President of AIBA

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