17:06 / 14.11.2018
Experimental kindergarten equipped in South Korean standards to be launched in Tashkent 

In accordance with the report of “Novosti Uzbekistana”, in Mirzo-Ulughbek district of the Uzbek capital, kindergarten 324 was reconstructed according to the experience and methods of pre-school educational institutions of South Korea. 

Now, the work of pre-school educational institution will be built with eco-toys, flexible system of education and training, studying of foreign languages, playing musical instruments, even holding cooking classes. 

Within the framework of the investment project, usual state-run kindergarten, which had been empty for several years, turned into one of the best in the city. Korean Sojong University and New Millennium Construction (Korea) took the responsibility of financing the reconstruction works.

Kindergarten was completely rebuilt. The updated kindergarten is designed for only one hundred kids. There are 4 age groups: 3–4 years, 4–5 years, 5–6 years and 6–7 years. In each of the groups, there should be no more than 25 pupils. In pre-school courses teachers, who have been trained in specialized educational institutions of Korea, will work. Also, the Korean side donated furniture, games, toys, books and other accessories to the kindergarten. The bathrooms are conveniently equipped - washbasins and toilet bowls are designed in accordance with the age of kids. Additionally, there are shower cabins and sterilizers for toothbrushes in the bathrooms.

This kindergarten will have its own kitchen and chefs. Besides, there is a common dining room where children will have breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. It is equipped with bright children's furniture, wash basins and even children's electric stoves for holding cooking classes with senior attendees. A large hall adjoining the dining room provides opportunity for children to play sports, dance, gymnastics and ballet. Separately, there is a music room on the second floor, where pupils can learn to play different musical instruments, including national Korean ones. The teachers note that a lot of attention will be paid to children's walks in the fresh air. For this purpose, a playground and a small football field are equipped in the courtyard.

The experimental kindergarten is almost ready to be launched. The cost in this preschool will be the same as in other state kindergartens. Children will be accepted through electronic queue. The Ministry of Preschool Education will notify the public of kindergarten’s opening on official webpages and through the media.