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16:37 / 15.12.2018 442

MFA accused a number of regions and ministries of slowing down promoting exports and attracting foreign investments

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan voiced a number of problems that hamper the effective implementation of its tasks, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

“While interacting with relevant ministries, departments and regions on promoting the export of domestic goods, attracting investments and increasing the tourist flow, the Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions are facing a problem of the Uzbek side – prolonged consideration of the proposals coming through foreign missions. This causes a forced cancellation or transfer of important bilateral events,” the MFA noted.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in most cases, information on investment projects from industry ministries and departments does not allow for qualitative negotiations with foreign partners.

In addition, there are no detailed, professionally written and clearly stated projects in a foreign language with a clear economic rationale, a business plan, proposals on methods and sources of financing, indicating the implementation stages, potential profits and so on.

“It is often encountered that regions of the country lack specific plans for cooperation with foreign partners in their work. Prior to the visit of investors, there are no advance activities – conditions for cooperation, amount of contracts, etc. are not being discussed. Many meetings are limited to signing standard memoranda, instead of inking solid contracts and agreements,” the ministry said.

Additionally, there is no clear feedback mechanism among the ministries and departments of Uzbekistan on the progress of the implementation of elaborated projects or the results of the visits. It limits access to the real depiction of bilateral interaction, preparation of actual recommendations for its further development.

“There is still lack of interdepartmental coordination, superficial attitude of a number of ministries and departments of Uzbekistan to fulfill assigned tasks and responsibilities. They often demand that the Foreign Ministry should fulfill the functions that are not inherent to it. As a result, considerable efforts are made by the MFA staff to concentrate on finalizing documents coming from other ministries and departments, in particular, on various roadmaps,” reads the ministry’s report.

At the same time, the MFA noted the lack of high-quality and informative materials about the country's investment potential in foreign languages, absence of booklets, video clips, albums, souvenirs and tourist guides of foreign agencies in Uzbekistan for conducting information-propaganda and presentation works overseas. 

“Unavailability of a clear division of responsibilities between the staff of the Foreign Ministry offices, regional deputy khokims, who are responsible for attracting foreign investment and promoting tourism, and regional representatives of the State Investment Committee, reduces the effectiveness and coordination of work to promote exports, attract foreign investment and tourist flow,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded.