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21:38 / 15.12.2018 304

Thesis defense at universities is now considered as a certification

Photo: TASS

The Ministry of Justice registered the changes introduced in the regulation on final state certification of graduates at universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the ministry’s telegram channel reported.

In compliance with the regulation, to date, graduates have been tested on several subjects they studied throughout their degree courses, as well as depending on their performance during final paper defense. From now onwards, following the amendments, final examinations on certain subjects (to be decided by the University Council) will be replaced by Foreign Language exams and also, thesis paper defense will be considered as ground for certification.

A commission created by the Ministry of Higher Education conducts the certification of unsuccessful graduates. Previously, it was conducted with the participation of the State Testing Center representatives.

In addition, prevention of plagiarism will be ensured during certifying examinations.

Moreover, the person who failed to pass the certifying examinations has the right to retake it in the subsequent years. Formerly, it was only possible to retake within three years.