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15:43 / 22.01.2019 392

Daewon Co of Korea to build a textile techno-park in Tashkent region

The Korean company Daewon Co will build a textile techno-park in Piskent district of Tashkent region.

It was announced following the visit of the Korean delegation to Uzbekistan in November-December last year, the press service of the Association “Uztukimachiliksamoat” reports.

Representatives of the company Daewon Co also visited our country in January of this year. At the Association “Uztukimachiliksamoat”, negotiations were held with the Korean delegation on the project of organizing the production of shirt and other types of fabrics. In addition, the parties discussed other investment proposals in the textile industry.

The Korean side expressed its readiness to implement a project to launch the production of shirt and other types of fabrics, as well as finished products worth $10 million in Tashkent region. The expected production capacity is 1,8 million square meters of blended fabric per year.

Furthermore, Daewon Co plans to implement a joint project with the local company “Istiklol dizayn”.

According to the press service of the association, in 2018, the textile industry mastered the production of blended fabrics, started producing shirt cotton fabrics, and finished polyester fabrics. Additionally, last year the production of nitron fibers, nitron yarn, synthetic and polyester fibers was started by textile enterprises.

Daewon Co is one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Korea on producing school and university uniforms, they are known under the brand IVY Club.