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Uzbekistan reduced the gap between imports and exports in 2018

At the end of 2018, the foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan amounted to $33,8 billion and increased by 27.3% compared to the same period last year, the State Statistics Committee reports.

The volume of exports amounted to $14,2 billion, and imports – $19,5 billion. The balance of foreign trade turned out to be minus $5,2 billion. For comparison, in September-November 2018, the gap was much larger – $6 billion. It was reduced in December due to a sharp increase in exports (monthly dynamic indices of export-import of goods and services in January-December 2018 by USD millions):

Last year, China became the main trading partner with a turnover of $6,4 billion – $2,8 billion of exports and $3,5 billion of imports.

It is followed by Russia ($5,7 billion: $2,1 billion in exports and $3,5 billion in imports) and Kazakhstan ($3 billion: $1,4 billion in exports and $1,5 billion in imports).

Uzbekistan mainly exported services ($3 billion), gold ($2,9 billion), energy and oil products ($2,6 billion).

As for imports, most of the expenses were spent on the purchase of machinery and equipment ($8,3 billion), chemical products and products from it ($2,5 billion), as well as services ($2,2 billion).