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20:37 / 01.02.2019 325

A 13-year-old girl planned and organized her “abduction” in Tashkent

On January 29, an anxious father of a 13-year-old girl addressed the Mirabad District Department of Internal Affairs, and said that her daughter had not returned home after school, the police department reported.

Later, girl’s mother received an SMS message saying - “If you want to see your daughter, bring the amount of money I will say, or you will never see her again”.

As a result of operational-search activities, officers of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs established the whereabouts of the minor. She was found in the Chilanzar metro area.

It was found out that no one kidnapped the girl: she “planned and organized her abduction”.

The girl said she just wanted to attract the attention of her parents, which she lacks so much, and noted that she wanted to give the money to the needy.