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19:27 / 11.02.2019 201

Kazakh security services investigate insulin outflow to Uzbekistan 

Photo: kaztag.kz

Chairperson of the Pharmacy Committee at the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan Lyudmila Byurabekova commented on the sale of Kazakhstani insulin to Uzbekistan, BNews.kz reports. 
According to her, the Ministry appealed for help to the Committee for National Security (CNS) of Kazakhstan to carry out the necessary checks on this fact. 
“Yes, we have addressed the Committee for National Security. They conduct their own investigations regarding the leakage of this drug. It really was acquired by the company SK-Pharmacy to provide a guaranteed amount of disembodied medical care. This is the same series that was acquired in 2018,” she said. 
In addition, she noted that territorial departments of the Ministry of Health, together with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Kazakhstan, are conducting their inspections. 
“Now they continue. And as soon as there are results of inspections, we will additionally inform you,” Ms. Byurabekova concluded. 
It should be recalled that information on the sale of insulin, intended for Kazakhstani patients, in pharmacies of Uzbekistan was obtained at the end of 2018. 
The Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Eljan Birtanov declared that if the fact of the selling Kazakhstani insulin was confirmed in Uzbekistan, criminal proceedings would be initiated.