11:13 / 14.02.2019
Universities in Uzbekistan may introduce differentiated tuition fees
Photo: Flickr

From the academic year 2019-2020, universities in Uzbekistan can introduce differentiated tuition fees. This was reported to Kun.uz correspondent by the deputy minister of higher and secondary special education Uzokboy Begimkulov. 

The deputy minister said that by the beginning of new academic year, the necessary legal documents will be developed. But it is not the fact that the system will work exactly from the following academic year.

“Now the work is underway in this direction. Minimum requirements for establishment of the contract will be developed based on the capabilities of regions. Before the start of new academic year, all necessary legal documents will be prepared,” Begimkulov said.

“We want the payment to be differentiated taking into account the specifications. Naturally, marketing research and solvency assessment are carried out in separate regions,” he added.

From the academic year 2018/2019, the cost of contracts in higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan will be tied to the minimum monthly wage. The minimum contract will be 45 MMW (more than 9 million soums). The most expensive contract in the country is at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy – 18-22 million soums.

Many foreign universities practice a differentiated form of tuition fees based on the social status of students. Such system can also be used to motivate students.