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21:40 / 18.02.2019 1754

Mobile Internet speed further declines in Uzbekistan

The Internet service Speedtest.net of the Irish company Ookla has published a monthly rating of the Speedtest Global Index, which contains data on the speed of the mobile and wired Internet in the world as of January 2019.
The service added dozens of new countries to the rating. Many countries, including Uzbekistan, have lost several positions. 

Uzbekistan is ranked:

• 129th out of 137 on mobile Internet speed (8,80 Mbit/s).

• 131st out of 177 on fixed broadband Internet speed (11,31 Mbit/s). 
Thus, compared to December 2018, the speed of fixed broadband Internet in the country increased by 1,2 Mbit/s, but mobile decreased by 1,1 Mbit/s: 
Iceland (73.93 Mbit/s) retained the first place by mobile Internet speed, Singapore (197,94 Mbit/s) – by fixed broadband Internet speed. 
Speedtest calculates the speed and generates a rating based on its own data received from users who use the service to check the speed of their connection. 
The service includes only countries from which at least 670 unique mobile Internet speed tests and 3333 unique fixed broadband Internet speed tests were received per month. Despite the subjectivity, it is considered one of the main services for determining the speed of the Internet.