15:15 / 18.02.2019
Uzbek soum strengthens against US dollar for second week in a row

The central bank has published new exchange rates of foreign currencies against the Uzbek soum, which will be effective from February 19.

In accordance with new exchange rates:

The US dollar dropped by 2.9 soums and amounted to 8392 soums;

The euro cheapened by 32.7 soums and equaled to 9477 soums;

The Russian ruble in the meantime fell by 1.4 soums and is recorded at 126 soums.

Thus, the Uzbek soum strengthens against the US dollar for the second week in a row.

“In particular, during periods of increasing foreign exchange earnings and relatively weak demand, there was a strengthening of the exchange rate and, conversely, with a faster increase in demand, there was a weakening,” the Central Bank explained.