22:33 / 22.02.2019
Fake Chinese eggs reached Uzbekistan: how to recognize them? (video)

The Chinese are great masters of imitation. They have learned to perfectly copy clothes and accessories, gadgets and paintings, architectural structures and entire cities. But if artificial eggs appear on the market, we should think about our own safety, Infomaniya reports. 
In real eggs, there is a whole storehouse of nutrients: fats, proteins, glucose, carbohydrates, minerals, many enzymes and a set of vitamins (A, E, D, group B). There is cholesterol as well, which does not harm human health. That is why experts advise to eat one egg per day. In the children's menu, this product is considered indispensable. 
A fake egg is an absolute dummy, there is nothing useful in it. The shell is made from gypsum, calcium and paraffin. Protein and yolk are formed from a mixture of gelatin and calcium alginate, with the addition of pigments.

If you consume this work of art several times, the consequences can be unpredictable. 
Long-term use adversely affects the nervous system. Children may experience excessive mobility, while mental development is slowed down. 
Externally, an egg made by a craftsman does not differ from that produced by chicken. 
It turns out that the cost of making a fake egg does not exceed 25% of the price of a real one. 
Visitors to markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities in China are at risk to buy a dozen of “chemical” eggs. 
A tired buyer after a hard day’s work will definitely not notice anything suspicious. However, if you carefully compare the two eggs, fake and natural, you can still find some differences.

The artificial shell glitters more, but this is a controversial argument. Break such an egg and leave it in a container for a while, gradually the yolk and white will be mixed into one mass, because they are made of similar materials.

A hard-boiled egg that is left in the fridge for about 6 hours, has the yolk a little blue. With the “chemical” one, this will not happen. The yolk will not be crumbled. It will become more jelly-like, but the protein will turn slightly yellow and may crack into pieces. 
While frying, you will not see the difference and there will not be a strange taste in the dish.
The sale of surrogate food is prohibited, but this does not stop entrepreneurs wishing to make money. 
There are many people in China who have to save on food, so there will always be demand for cheap eggs. It is sad that such products safely seep across the border and may appear on our table.