15:30 / 03.04.2019
First users of government mobile communications connect to UMS
Photo: RIA news agency

Employees of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Internal Affairs and JSC Uzavtosanoat have become the users of government mobile communications, the company UMS reports.

“From April 1, employees of the ministries of economy and industry, culture, internal affairs, as well as the domestic auto industry became users of government mobile communications,” the mobile operator said in a press release.

In the future, communication will gradually cover other civil servants included in the list of employees of state bodies, organizations, local government bodies, diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan abroad, for whom the use of the system in the performance of official duties is mandatory.

Special government mobile communications provides an opportunity to ensure the privacy, mobility and safety of users. They will be serviced on a single platform that reliably protects phone calls, transmitted and received data, eliminates the leakage of personal data of subscribers. In addition, it will provide budget savings on telecommunications services, including when abroad. It is the scale of the tasks to be implemented that is due to its phased implementation.

The work on implementation of the network is carried out in the framework of execution of the presidential decree. The authorized body for introducing government mobile communications is the National Agency for Project Management (NAPM) under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Last year, NAPM carried out the initial launch, testing and trial operation of this system. In particular, at the end of 2018, the company UMS in a test mode connected employees of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan to the government mobile communications.

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