16:28 / 08.04.2019

Several large factories of agricultural machinery to be put up for sale

Photo: UzA

The state will sell several large factories of agricultural machinery, follows from the presidential decree.

The document approves the list of companies, whose shares and stakes are owned by “Uzagrotekhsanoatholding” and are subject to sale on condition that the main business is preserved.

In many of them, the state owns almost 100% share. In particular, the following will be put up for sale:

99.2% in JSC “Aggregate Plant”.
98.8% in JSC “Tekhnolog”.
91.7% in JSC “Chirchik Plant of Agricultural Machinery”.

Share of “Uzagrotehsanoatholding” in JSC “Urgenchkormash” is 26%, but it will also be put up for sale.

In addition, 100% shares of “Agrosanoatmashinvest” LLC and “Agrotechmash-DD” LLC, 76% shares of “Agromash sanoat invest” LLC and 50% shares of “Castle in mountain” LLC will be sold.