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19:04 / 11.04.2019 341

Uzatom Agency delegation takes part in a workshop organized by IAEA

Uzatom Agency delegation took part in an international workshop of the International Atomic Energy Agency, organized jointly with the Nuclear Power Institute at Texas A&M University (United States), the press service of the agency said.

The workshop, organized for senior management of the nuclear power industry, was attended by representatives of over 20 countries in the field of nuclear power, such as Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The attendees of the event considered such issues as trends in development of activities of world nuclear organizations, the culture of atomic safety, nuclear knowledge management and formation of labor in industry, project management processes for construction of nuclear power plants.

Particular attention was paid to the role and responsibility of managers in implementation of nuclear power development programs, ensuring effective internal communication during emergency situations, developing a nuclear power program in terms of price model and turnkey contract structure. The workshop participants visited nuclear power plants in South Texas, got acquainted with training and information centers at this nuclear power plant.

Within the framework of their visit, delegation of Uzbekistan held talks with representatives of Nuclear Power Institute at Texas A&M University and the Idaho National Laboratory on the issues of organizing training for Uzbek specialists in U.S. educational institutions, as well as with representatives of the IAEA on organizing such a workshop in the capital of Uzbekistan.