20:57 / 04.05.2019
Private organizations may be granted the right to conduct state sanitation inspections 

In 2017-2018, over 440 tonnes of sub-products (liver, kidney, heart, etc.) and 20 tonnes of meat products, which were prohibited to be sold in the markets due to lack of the veterinary and sanitary inspection, were sold. Chairman of the Science, Education and Health Committee Zayniddin Nizomkhujayev spoke about it at the XIX plenary session of the Senate.

Zayniddin Nizomkhujayev

"In 2017, there were 8 cases of group intoxication in organized communities, and in 2018 - 7 cases.  Four of them were in nurseries and 73 children were diagnosed with acute diarrhea, dysentery, infectious disease. Over the past two years, 102,044 public health and nutritional healthcare workers have been examined and it was identified that 54,062 employees had not undergone medical examinations. 91 facilities (30.5%) lacked access to drinking water, 191 (64%) were not connected to the system of sewerage. 53 (18%) markets do not have veterinary-sanitary laboratories. There are no special waste landfills at 55 markets (18.4%)," the senator said. 

Nizomkhujayev proposed to consider the issue of granting the right to private healthcare organizations of conducting the State Sanitation Inspections in public catering, without any obstacles not interfering with the financial activity, at any time.

In addition, senators approved the decision to send a parliamentary inquiry to the Prime Minister to clarify the situation.