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12:28 / 28.06.2019 307

Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan warns citizens of the ban on import of meat products to South Korea

Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan warned citizens leaving for South Korea of the ban on the import of meat products. The message is posted on the website of the ministry.

The Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of the Republic of Korea, as part of measures aimed at preventing the emergence of African swine fever and Avian influenza in the country, imposed a ban on the import of the following meat products into the country from June 1, 2019:

- meat and meat products: beef, pork, chicken, ham, sausages, jerky, boiled meat, canned food, etc .;

- animal products: antlers, bones, feathers, etc.;

- dairy products: milk, cheese, butter, etc.;

- eggs and egg products: chicken and poultry eggs, egg white, egg powder, etc .;

- pet food, snacks, nutritional supplements, etc.

In the case of an attempt to smuggle the above meat products into the Republic of Korea, a fine of up to 5 million Korean won is imposed ($1 = 1,155.57 won).

Non-payment of a fine entails a ban on re-entry into the country for a period of 5 years.