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18:50 / 07.05.2019 487

Privileges for importing several items of technological equipment canceled

Photo: sitmag.ru

According to a decree of several ministries, privileges on the import of several items of technological equipment are abolished. “Norma” reports about it. The document will take effect in early August.

Technological equipment imported into the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as components and spare parts, if their total supply is stipulated by the terms of a single contract, are exempt from customs duty and VAT.

From April 1, 2007, these benefits have been applied only to the equipment in the list. 

Now, several items have been removed from this list, therefore, customs privileges will no longer be applied to them.

Among them there are automatic machines for cleaning and bottling drinking water, apparatus for beverages with heating and cooling functions, equipment for producing tobacco, devices for processing tea or coffee, clothes dryers and much more.