12:10 / 09.05.2019
Yuksalish nationwide movement works out proposals for development of the Uzbek language

Yuksalish nationwide movement has worked out proposals for the development of the Uzbek language and improving the language literacy of the population.

The organization notes that they are not supporters of compulsory education of citizens in the state language, but support the creation of a system and the necessary conditions for those who wish to study it.

The proposals cover six main areas:

1. Working out a Concept for the development of the Uzbek language and increasing the level of proficiency in language norms in the Republic of Uzbekistan and approval of a detailed roadmap for its implementation over the next five years.

The concept should include main tasks, measures, mechanisms for their implementation, deadlines and responsible persons for the following areas:

• creation of conditions for the formation and development of language literacy in the family;
• critical review and improvement of the process of teaching state and foreign languages in educational institutions;
• increasing the literacy and proficiency of the state language of civil servants, especially the heads of state authorities and management, etc.

2. Determination of a special state body responsible for the implementation of a unified state policy in the development of the Uzbek language, defining the requirements for compliance with language standards, including on information signs and promotional materials, improvement of legislation in this area.

3. Conduct research and study of foreign experience in order to develop and introduce minimum requirements and common standards of the state language proficiency based on the international scale of language competency assessment.

4. Conducting an annual national dictation in the state language — a voluntary educational action to draw public attention to the problem of literacy, to increase its level and develop the culture of literate writing in the state language.

Anyone can take part in the dictation and check their level of proficiency in the state language.

According to the results of the action, it is necessary to analyze and summarize the outcomes, to develop a publicly available methodological guide, courses (including online) on the errors that were most often encountered in written works of citizens.

5. Organization of free courses on the study of the Uzbek language in educational institutions or premises of interested parties with the involvement of qualified specialists, where citizens can develop conversational speech and competent writing based on innovative educational technologies.

6. Development and launch of an electronic platform aimed at increasing the level of proficiency in the state language of all categories of citizens living in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Development of mobile applications for teaching children and youth language norms in an interactive form.

The national movement “Yuksalish” declares that it is open to constructive discussions and proposals in this direction and cooperation with interested ministries, departments, public organizations and other institutions of civil society.