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“Consumers who prepay electricity should be introduced privileges” – petition 

Photo: RIA news agency

On the collective reference portal “My opinion”, a petition on the introduction of privileges for consumers who prepaid electricity has been published.

It is noted that according to the rules of electricity usage, when consumers are indebted to electricity consumed, as established in the legislation, they pay a fine for each day of delayed payment.

“How about consumers who have paid excess money? They have no privileges! Consumers who have prepaid should also have a system of bonuses or privileges,” the petitioner writes.

Therefore, it would be better if consumers are paid 0.1% of the excess amount per day, or introduced bonuses depending on the prepaid amount of electricity, the petition says.

“For example, 20-kW bonus for excessive 50,000 soums and 45-kW bonus for 100,000 soums. This, in turn, will benefit the enterprise and consumers. Also, it will encourage consumers to prepay electricity and prevent excessive indebtedness,” the petition concludes.