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21:05 / 17.05.2019 331

Kodirjon Yusupov accused of treason faces psychological pressure

Ex-executive of the Uzbek MFA, representative of Uzbekistan at the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) Kodirjon Yusupov, who is accused of “treason against the state”, sues that he admitted accusations under pressure. Close relatives of the defendant reports Kun.uz about this.

“There were problems with supplying the medicines he needed for a while. Kodirjon rejected the lawyer hired by his family because of unclear arguments. Later on, he wrote to his family that these all had been arranged under psychological pressure,” an interlocutor said.

Yusupov, who was charged with committing crimes envisaged by Article 157 of the Criminal Code, was unable to meet with his family until the end of April. However, Yusupov, on his own initiative, refused a lawyer hired by the state budget and selected Pashkovsky, a lawyer invited by his family.

Reportedly, Pashkovsky was able to meet with the person under his protection. At the moment, the investigation against Kodirjon Yusupov has been completed and his case is being considered at court.

Vladimir Dyakov, a doctor who has been overseeing Yusupov's health since 2015, says that the former diplomat has mentally changed. So, he needs to be regularly examined and treated.

However, the Prosecutor General's Office confirms that the mental condition of Kodirjon Yusupov, who is kept in the detention center of the SSS, is satisfactory.