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15:55 / 17.05.2019 368

President Mirziyoyev visits decrepit houses in Andijan, instructs officials to create decent conditions for locals

Within the framework of his trip to Andijan region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited an old makhalla in Andijan city and studied living conditions there, the presidential press service reports.

The houses in this makhalla in the city center are located randomly. Due to the lack of public utilities, the walls are eroded and showered. The sanitary state of the makhalla is generally unfavorable.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev became acquainted with the conditions there and talked to people. He noted that such a state of affairs does not correspond to our people, the residents of the neighborhood will be provided with new modern housing and upright environment.

The head of state also discussed the scheduled construction works in the city of Andijan. In particular, 70 nine-storey apartment buildings in this old neighborhood are projected to be built. Mirziyoyev was briefed about the project for building Andijan City business center, which envisages the construction of a five-star hotel, a congress hall, offices, recreational and entertainment facilities, restaurants, seven-, nine- and twelve-story houses on an area of almost 70 hectares.

The Andijan City business center, according to the President, should be built on the basis of an integrated approach. It will become a model and standard for Andijan. Officials in charge have been given corresponding instructions and recommendations.