09:18 / 17.05.2019
What are the grounds for divorces in Uzbekistan?

According to the statistics of the Family scientific-practical research center, the main ground for divorces is the unpreparedness of the married couple to have a family life. This was announced on May 15 during the international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the International Family Day.

Based on the findings of the Center's study, the following reasons result in divorces:

43.3% - unpreparedness of married couples to have a family life;

24.5% - financial deficiency;

12.6% - misunderstanding each other;

10.3% - indifference to one another;

5.5% - difficult to answer;

3.8% - drug and alcohol addiction.

In particular, divorces among young families caused by misunderstanding each other (41%), childlessness (13%), financial hardships (15%), third party intervention (34%) and harmful habits (25%).

Deputy director of the Family center Dildora Karimova says that a real-life situation in the country is determined based on the criteria for moral-ethical values   and upbringing of children, the family's convenient psychological environment, education, material security and health.

At the conference titled “Actual issues of disclosing the family topic in the media,” the issue of publishing family relationships based on ethical rules and values   has been raised. The head of the Family center Dilorom Tashmukhammedova addressed media representatives and complained that journalists were often negatively positioned in disclosure of the family issue, criticized the negligence on the issue of describing prosperous life and role model family.

“It is necessary to stop dissemination of suicide cases in the media. It may cause “Werther's syndrome” (a rash of suicidal attempts following a highly publicized suicide). Suicide is not the work of journalists, but the work of experts. This topic should be studied at the academic circles based on a professional approach. Journalists should not lead to despair by sharing reports on suicides. I humbly ask the media representatives to refrain from addressing this issue,” Tashmukhammedova said.