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19:10 / 23.05.2019 174

Draft law: Khokims should report to the population on their activities at least twice a year

Photo: Marat Abilov

On the portal of discussions of normative-legal acts, a new edition of the draft law on local government has been publicized. The bill has been developed by the Ministry of Justice.

It should be recalled that the law on local government was adopted in September 1993. Unlike the old document, the new bill consists of 47 Articles.

The draft law on local government in the new edition notes that draft decisions of local government bodies having normative-legal nature are subject to mandatory legal expertise at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the Department of Justice of the regions and the city of Tashkent, respectively. The current law does not have such indication.

Article 10 of the draft law states that regional, city and district khokims should report to the population on their activities at least twice a year. At the same time, information about the activities of khokims of the regions, districts and cities will be publicized in the media.

If the law is approved and enters into force, then the councils of people's deputies will hear reports from courts, prosecutors, heads of internal affairs and justice bodies. In general, initiators of the bill intend to expand the powers of local councils and improve their activities.

Regulation of land relations by local government bodies remains the same.

Khokim of the region, district and city, as in the present law, will have the right to grant land plots for possession and use, lease to enterprises, institutions, organizations, dehkan farms and citizens, terminate the rights of ownership and use of land by these entities, as well as withdraw land plots in accordance with subsequent approval of the decisions made by the relevant council of people's deputies. It turns out that the khokim will remain the only “landowner” in his region.

It should be noted that the project can be changed, amended or rejected.