10:17 / 27.05.2019
Uzbek student becomes winner in Quran Recitation Contest in South Korea (video)

In South Korea, a Quran Recitation Contest among Muslims of the Busan Province took place at the Al Fatah Mosque. The competition started with the recitation of the imam of Imam al-Bukhari mosque in Gimhae city Abdughaffor Ergashev.

Young Hafiz Qurans from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, who live and work in Korea, have recited surahs from the holy Quran.

In the contest, a second-year student of Yongsan University Muhammad Mustafo Khabibullayev, from the city of Kokand (Fergana region), was awarded the 1st place by the board of judges.

It is noteworthy that in South Korea, conducting the Quran Recitation Contest during the holy month of Ramadan has become a tradition.