12:15 / 04.06.2019
Uzbekistan to create a single information system “Physical training and sports”
Photo: 123RF

A government decree on the creation of a single information system “Physical training and sports” was adopted. This is reported by the Ministry of Justice.

The main tasks of this Single system are:

- systematic monitoring of information about athletes, trainers, physical training teachers of educational institutions, as well as physical education, health and sports facilities in the Republic;

- analyzing the examinations results of pupils and students of educational institutions on sports subjects;

- registration of athletes, coaches and instructors. Checking the condition of recreational and sports facilities.

The system will be launched by September 1, 2019.

The Ministry of Physical Education and Sports has been entrusted with monitoring the activities of the Single information system, systematic introduction of data into it.

The Center for certification and computerization is the developer and operator of the Single system.

Information will be posted on the Single information portal www.sport.uz, as well as on the Open Data Portal.