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16:10 / 06.06.2019 207

“Investors Day” may be established in Uzbekistan 

Photo: Shutterstock

On the collective reference portal “My opinion”, a petition on establishment of the “Investors Day” in the Republic has been published.

It is reported that investments guarantee the development of the country and stability of the economy. Every country, who realizes this truth, guarantees a sustainable development for itself by mastering investment, the petition says.

“For this purpose, the country will take necessary measures to attract investors. Because investment is development, that is, promising funding for the development of a particular industry. Therefore, it is necessary to attract more investments, develop the sector and industries, as well as create favorable conditions for them. Development of the country, in which investors are valued, will be intense and bright in the future,” the petitioner writes. 

In this regard, it is proposed to establish the “Investors Day” in the Republic.