10:14 / 05.05.2022
People propose canceling or significantly reducing the cost of tinting car windows 

A proposal for a significant reduction in prices for tinting car windows has been put up for general discussion, with the possibility of installing it for a certain time.

Photo: Kun.uz

Citizens propose amending the resolution No. 547 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated July 18, 2018, MP Rasul Kusherbayev reports.

It is proposed to reduce the cost of tinting on the rear and front side windows by more than half, both for individuals and legal entities, as well as for foreign citizens.

The proposal, which is planned to be published on the “My opinion” portal, says that from March to September, the air temperature in Uzbekistan is quite high, often exceeding 40 °C. At the same time, not every car owner can afford to tint the windows of his car, creating comfort not only for himself, but also for passengers.

Currently, tinting the rear side and front windows will cost the car owner more than 12 million soums. At the same time, the average salary of an Uzbek citizen varies around 3 million soums.

In this regard, it is proposed to reduce the cost of tinting the rear side windows to 0.5 BCA.

The cost of tinting the front and rear windows of the car is up to 2 BCAs.

In addition, it is proposed to create the possibility of obtaining permission to tint for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. And also pay the cost of tinting during the period of validity of the issued permit.

The corresponding petition has been published on the “My opinion” portal.

It is noted that after checking the proposal by the moderators, it will be published on the “My opinion” portal and considered by the Oliy Majlis chambers or local Councils of people’s deputies.

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