SOCIETY | 12:30 / 07.06.2019
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Mudflows are expected in 5 regions of Uzbekistan - Ministry of Emergency Situations

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there might be mudflows in the foothills and mountainous areas of the Tashkent, Jizzakh, Andijan, Namangan and Fergana regions from June 8 to 10.

The Ministry is asking the population to take precautionary measures and in case of emergency situations call on the number 1050.

It should be noted that there were heavy rain showers with thunderstorms in some parts of Uzbekistan this week. Rain was accompanied by strong winds (12-17 m/s), in some areas of the city hail was observed.

According to Uzhydromet, heavy rain showers with thunderstorms were due to the development of powerful convection in the zone of the high-altitude cyclone.

Only in Tashkent, the amount of precipitation ranged from 21 mm to 51 mm with a monthly norm of 14 mm in June.

The fall of such a heavy rain in June is a very rare phenomenon. Over the entire history of meteorological observations (since 1881), rainfall of 20 mm and more was noted only five times before: June 21, 1901, June 3, 1926, June 6, 1998, June 24, 1999, June 3, 2010. The amount of precipitation, according to the weather station Tashkent Observatory, ranged from 25 mm to 36 mm then.

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