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14:35 / 13.06.2019 406

Uzbekistan plans to raise customs duty on imported footwear products 

Photo: Pixabay

On the portal of discussion of normative-legal acts, a draft presidential decree “On additional measures for development of leather, footwear and fur industries, as well as stimulating production of import-substituting and export-oriented products” has been published, Norma reports.

According to the document, from July 1, 2019, the following changes may occur:

- the rate of customs duty on imported footwear (TN VED code 6401 - 6405) will increase from the current 10% of the customs value of the goods (but not less than $1.5 per pair) up to 30% (but not less than $5 per pair);

- produced raw materials and semi-finished products for intra-industry sales will not be considered as items of taxation;

- price preferences of up to 20% relative to local manufacturers for public procurement (including strategic purchasers) of footwear, leather goods, wool products, karakul and artificial leather will be introduced.

In addition, starting from next year, it is planned that the fee for issuing permits for the export of semi-finished leather products (TN VED codes 4104, 4105, 4106 21 000 0) will be raised from 5% to 20%.

Along with this, enterprises in the industry will be helped with the import of modern equipment through lending and compensation of a part of interest by the State Foundation for supporting business development.

Empty state property will be transferred to member organizations of the Uzcharmsanoat association. In addition, tax breaks will be given to their employees, as well as foreign experts working for them.