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21:12 / 15.06.2019 395

President was tricked in Andijan: Prosecutor General’s Office requests the regional khokim to take immediate measures 

Prosecutor General’s Office examined the arguments set out in the published articles on social networks on forcing a number of women in the city of Andijan giving interviews to the media about the allegedly allocated cottages for free, the press service of the supervisory body informs.

In the course of the study, it was identified that in order to provide those who are in need of housing in the Khodjabad block of the Khodjabad district, Andijan region, 592 cottages were built on 2 acres of land. In February-March, responsible executives of the regional administration promised that six employees of the LLC “Mustakillik tikuvchilik majmuasi”, who are in need of housing, (Kh. Tillayeva, M. Rakhimova, Sh. Bakirova, Kh. Ermatova, Z. Abduvaliyeva and D. Khodjimatova) would be given a cottage each as a gift.

Thus, on March 31, May 3 and 16, on the “Uzbekistan-24” TV channel, with participation of the above-mentioned female workers, stories were shown that they were provided with cottages; on May 16, they and their families were settled in the houses.

“During the visit of Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the region, one of the workers (D. Khodjimatova) was gifted a cottage. However, after completion of the visit, at a request of the persons in charge of the administration, the remaining 5 women workers (Kh. Tillayeva, M. Rakhimova, Sh. Bakirova, Kh. Ermatova and Z. Abduvaliyeva) were evicted from the cottages with the promise to provide apartments in 4-storey buildings under construction. Subsequently, they appealed to a number of government bodies. Kh. Tillayeva on social networks posted an appeal that they were deceived by the regional administration,” the General Prosecutor’s Office said.

After their appeals, on May 22 of this year, the enterprise “Mustakillik tikuvchilik majmuasi”, at the expense of their wages and company profits, transferred down payments for the purchase of apartments in 4-storey buildings.

As a result, the study showed that responsible executives of the Andijan regional administration, promising five cottage for workers who are in need, were able to have an interview with the female employees that they were settled in the cottages as owners. But in the end, they did not allocate any housing.

According to the law enforcement body, following the results of the study by the Prosecutor General’s Office, a request was made to the regional khokim about the immediate solution of the issue and taking measures to prevent such cases.

It should be recalled that on May 28, a video message by an employee of the enterprise Khurshida Tillayeva went viral on social networks. The woman reported that on May 16, during the visit of President Mirziyoyev to the Andijan region, she was instructed to say at an interview with the “Uzbekistan 24” TV channel that she had become the owner of a house. The interview was shown all over the country, but the woman did not get home. Also, other women who were mentioned as happy new settlers of modern houses did not receive homes.