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17:15 / 19.06.2019 296

Uzcard plans to fully switch to Mir payment system applet and abandon its own

Photo: uzcard.uz

Uzcard plans to fully switch to the Mira applet and abandon its own. This was announced at the third working meeting of the heads of the National Payment Systems and the National banks of the CIS countries in Samarkand by the Single Common-Republican Processing Center (SCPC), General Director Akhror Makhmudov, the press service of the company reports.

Applet is a non-dependent software component that works in the context of another, full-fledged application, designed for one narrow task and has no value in isolation from the base application.

The head of Uzcard spoke about the importance of cooperation with the Russian payment system Mir, noting that it is necessary not only for Uzbekistan and Russia, but also promising for other CIS countries.

It is expected that the integration process of Uzcard and Mir will be carried out in stages. By the autumn of this year, the company plans to connect the entire terminal park of Aloqabank (6,380 thousand POS-terminals and a number of ATM devices).

At the same time, it is planned to implement a project for the issue of Uzcard-Mir co-badging cards.

“By offering the users of the two systems enhanced co-badging cards, a number of processes are being simplified for conversion into foreign currency, for transferring funds, and for carrying out transactions in the CIS countries. In the future, we plan to fully switch to the Mir payment system applet and abandon our own,” Akhror Makhmudov noted. 

Following the meeting, the heads of the national payment systems of the CIS countries proposed to create an expert council for development of national payment instruments that would help improve national payment cards, develop joint products and solutions, as well as establish interaction with local regulators.