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RSE “Toshkent” concludes largest deal for over 20 billion soums 

Photo: MarketWatch

There were three major deals with shares of banks at the stock exchange, UZEX reported.

The largest one was the deal with the shares of Kapitalbank, when 21 209 529 common shares of the bank changed their owner. The transaction amount was 20.1 billion soums. This deal also became the largest since the beginning of the year.

Two transactions with securities of the Ipak Yuli Bank totaled 14.3 billion soums. According to the announcement details, this large package belonged to the Asian Development Bank.

In the first transaction, 900 million ordinary shares were sold for a total amount of 9 billion soums, in the second - 525,737 million shares for 5,309 billion soums.

Another major deal was concerned with the Universalbank shares. 850 million common shares were sold for a total of 4.2 billion soums.

As a result, the banking sector in this trading week became the leader in terms of the amount of transactions with a share of 98.66% (38.8 billion soums) of the total deal.