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20:16 / 10.07.2019 233

Uzbekistan plans to tighten control over the import of clothing

Photo: usfashionindustry.com

Uzbekistan may introduce compulsory certification of all finished garments and knitwear imported into the country for commercial purposes. This follows from the draft presidential decree, developed by the association “Uztekstilsanoat”.

It includes products that fall under the code number TN VED 61−63, and these are several dozen commodity items - from coats, skirts and suits to shorts, sweaters and shirts.

The initiative is expected to protect the domestic market from low-quality and counterfeit products. It is indicated that this is a proposal of the National Agency for Project Management, the State Tax Committee and the State Customs Committee.

If the project is adopted, then compulsory certification will come into force starting from January 1, 2020.

One can learn more about the project, submit suggestions and comments to it until July 25.