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08:29 / 11.07.2019 172

Abdulla Aripov visits pavilion “Uzbekistan” at VDNKh in Moscow

Фото: Sputnik

On July 10, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov, who is on a visit in Moscow, together with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets visited Pavilion No. 66 (“Uzbekistan”) at the VDNKh, where restoration work is underway, the Russian Government website reports.

The Prime Minister of Uzbekistan visited the site for the first time and expressed his sincere admiration. According to Aripov, the pavilion conveys the spirit and atmosphere of Uzbekistan.

At present, restoration works in the interior of the pavilion are coming to an end. These works are carried out at the expense of the Russian Ministry of Culture. 

As noted, the pavilion needs restoration of the facade, in particular, the famous rotunda gazebo is in disrepair. It is expected that the cost of repairing the facade will be borne by the Uzbek side.

For information, the pavilion “Uzbekistan” was built in 1954. The main artistic element of its decoration is the motif of a cotton capsule. It is traced in the construction of all elements of the pavilion.