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11:36 / 06.08.2019 224

Allamjonov tells how security forces destroyed one of the news agencies in Uzbekistan

Photo: Shutterstock

The head of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications Komil Allamjonov, during an interview with blogger Kirill Altman, told how security forces destroyed one of the news agencies in Uzbekistan.

“Turon24 faced very serious provocative intrigues. It was an initiative of young guys whom I knew well, who once worked for me. You understand that even before I was engaged in this business, I had media structures.

They came to me with the initiative to create this site, they said they were hoping for permission to start activities, as I was the president’s press secretary, I tried to improve the image of the media. The guys said that they had an idea, but they needed support, thanks to which the doors to access to information would be open. And if there was such support, they would be able to create a quality product,” he said.

Komil Allamjonov noted that at one time he helped and supported the online publication.

“As a result, there were rumors that this was my site. Some even stated that there was a conflict of interest, and so on. When the site began to publish clear-cut materials, intrigues began, officials called to me, not to them. Allegedly, I was specially arranging a negative campaign against them,” Allamjonov said.

“I explained that this has nothing to do with me, but I will support all journalists. I said “If you have problems, they need to be raised. Better talk to Turon24 team, rather than calling me.” 

“I myself was under pressure. All this negative situation has developed due to the former security forces. They tried very hard not to have Turon24, and it is gone,” he stated.

It should be recalled that in January of this year it became known that the funding of Turon24 agency was suspended.