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21:55 / 06.08.2019 158

Deputy khokim of Tashkent accuses the former USSR of demolition problems

Everything in the country was built without a proper planning - this is the legacy of the former USSR. This opinion was expressed by the deputy khokim of Tashkent, a member of UzLiDeP Elbek Shukurov, Xalq suzi publication reports.

“This is an inheritance from the former USSR - they constructed structures without a proper plan. For example, within a radius of 500 meters from the gas station there should not be residential buildings and places for catering. Were these norms taken into account? No. There are houses and business entities near gas stations. It is not permitted by the law. Perhaps the businessman went to state bodies and was refused, but through his acquaintances he acquired permission. When they want to demolish this building, the entrepreneur begins to make a fuss. Everywhere is full of such structures. As soon as we say that we will demolish the building, the problems of demolition are immediately raised,” he said during a regular meeting of the UzLiDeP executive committee. 

Elbek Shukurov also said that some people want to receive compensation in large amounts.

“There are people who demand $1 million for their small piece of land. You have to correctly understand that incompetent people work in some district administrations who don’t have time to read legal acts. In such cases, deputies of district councils should correctly clarify all the rules. We must evaluate each drift separately. The party should have a tough stance, although some colleagues are switching to their PR,” he said.

What is unclear, during the USSR, all gas stations were built by the state. As now, the sale of fuel, gas and electricity was under strict control. The entire resource market was monopolized by the state.

Entrepreneurs began to build gas stations after Uzbekistan gained independence, that is, since 1991. It was after the 90s that the number of gas stations began to grow in the capital.