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14:55 / 06.08.2019 330

Why do khokims disobey the law?

According to the Prime Minister, a new concept of “demolition” has appeared in the Uzbek language. This new term, which brings fear and horror to ordinary people, entrepreneurs and investors, has no effect on khokims. 

At the meeting, Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed to the sharp discontent of the population with the demolitions carried out in the Kashkadarya, Khorezm and Fergana regions, and severely warned the regional khokims. The President said that he could not work calmly, seeing reports on the people’s sufferings posted on the Internet and published in the press.

Can prosecuting authorities ensure compliance with the law? Why did they turned a blind eye at blatant lawlessness? After all, we have already seen that in Uzbekistan, everyone is equal before the law! If khokims publicly admitted their mistakes, or rather, offenses, then should they be forgiven? Does anyone have such a right?

In fact, the time has come to critically review the activities of khokims, who were not elected by the people and who sit in the Senate, representing both the legislative and executive authorities. They should free not only the chairmanship of the council of deputies at places, but also the seats of senators. 

It is all about open violation of fundamental human rights by khokims, distortion of the policy of the head of state in the eyes of the people by not complying with established rules and laws. 

The President gave a separate instruction to Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov and the head of the Presidential Administration Zaynilobiddin Nizomiddinov.

“These issues have not yet been resolved. Therefore, I tasked Aripov and Nizomiddinov to submit proposals on dismissal of the regional khokims from their posts,” the President instructed.

It is no secret that we have problems, which concern society, and they are publicly discussed only after the President points out them. Has the Prime Minister not been aware of what is happening to this day? Why didn’t he react to the actions of khokims defaming our country? Zainilobiddin Nizomiddinov, who heads the presidential administration, did not call for order of leaders who directly damage the image of Uzbekistan.

Apologies were made, but Uzbekistan, in which we are going to build a rule of law, must show that everyone is equal before the law. The current situation requires it.