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20:50 / 08.08.2019 148

Draft law on gas supply published

Photo: Pixabay

A draft law on gas supply has been published on the portal of discussing draft normative-legal acts. The document was developed by the Energy Ministry of Uzbekistan.

It is noted that the law regulates relations arising in connection with the followings:

- production, transportation, distribution, supply and use of gas;

- creation, operation and development of gas supply systems, as well as decommissioning, conservation and (or) liquidation of gas supply system facilities;

- state control and supervision for the functioning modes of the gas supply and gas consumption system.

The document says that gas is supplied to consumers by processing, and production organizations, as well as by gas transportation and gas supply institutions on the basis of issued licenses.

Gas consumption is carried out to meet the gas demand of legal entities and individuals.

“Gas is supplied on the basis of agreements between suppliers and consumers. The terms of the gas supply agreement, binding on the parties, are determined in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, this Law and other legislative acts. A gas supply agreement is concluded if the consumer has permits issued by the authorized bodies in the prescribed manner for connection to the gas supply system and the compliance of the available gas-using equipment (installations) with project documentation.

The size and procedure for compensation for damage caused to gas supply companies by legal entities and individuals through unauthorized connection to the gas supply system or other violations of the rules for using gas is determined in accordance with the law,” the bill says.

The full text of the draft document can be found here.