14:08 / 23.08.2019
Pensioner growing hemp in his local yard detained in Bukhara region

Law enforcement bodies of Bukhara have initiated a criminal case against a 67-year-old man who created a real hemp (Cannabis sativa plant) plantation in his yard, Sputnik reports.

Reportedly, the pensioner grew bushes of the forbidden plant in the yard of his own house, located in the mahalla named after Alisher Navoi in the Shafirkan district, Bukhara region.

This was revealed on August 15 during an inspection conducted as part of the second phase of operational event “Drugs-2019”.

During the search, law enforcement officers found several caches located in the household. 26 matchboxes, which contained 29.68 grams of the drug, as well as two plastic bags weighing 53.35 and 14.69 grams were seized.

“The man was growing a forbidden plant for the purpose of sale. He had previously been convicted of a similar crime. The plantation was destroyed, material evidence was seized,” the regional police department information service said.

In this fact, a criminal case has been initiated against the detainee under several Articles of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.

The detainee is charged with “Cultivating forbidden crops”, “Preparing for a crime and attempted crime” and “Illegal production, acquisition, storage and other actions with narcotic drugs, their analogues or psychotropic substances for the purpose of sale”.