22:25 / 02.09.2019
Hackers misappropriate almost 25 million soums of a citizen, who raised money for his son’s surgery

As the official website of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Tashkent states, hackers stole money from the plastic card of a citizen, who appealed to caring people through social networks to help raise funds for his son, suffering from a serious illness. By the time, when 24,596,000 soums were collected for the operation, the criminals called at the number that the author indicated in the appeal and asked for the code, assuring that they want to transfer money to the card.

Using the 16-digit card code indicated in the announcement, the criminals got full access to the funds and transferred all the money to their personal account.

On this fact, a criminal case was instituted under Article 168 (“Fraud”) of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.

Reportedly, a 17-year-old citizen of the Fergana region was detained on suspicion of committing this crime, who was previously convicted of theft and fraud. He committed criminal activities together with a 19-year-old friend.

In this regard, law enforcement officials urged residents not to disclose their bank card details to strangers, especially the code sent for confirmation.

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