18:15 / 15.10.2019
Komil Allamjonov: “Suspension of Togri.uz news website’s activities has no political reasons behind”

Director of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications Komil Allamjonov commented on suspension of activities of the news website Togri.uz

“Unfortunately, the activity of the Togri.uz website did not last long.

It should be noted that suspension of its activities is an internal and personal matter of the founders and is not linked to political reasons.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that our Agency is committed to increasing the number of media in our country and ensuring freedom of speech, we are ready to provide all possible opportunities to support media outlets.

Competition and diversity in the information space is of the highest interest to our nation. Let the mass media, which serve the wellbeing of the people, develop and expand!” Komil Allamjonov said.

It should be noted that Togri.uz website, which used to cover political, social, economic and cultural news, stopped operating on October 14.

Reportedly, the director of the agency said at a meeting yesterday that funding the project is ceased.

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