16:30 / 15.10.2019
Uzavtosanoat reveals best-selling car in Uzbekistan

In 2019, Nexia 3 model car manufactured by UzAuto Motors has become the best-selling car in Uzbekistan, Uzavtosanoat reported.

According to the company, 52,176 units of Nexia 3 cars have been sold since the beginning of the year. The manufacturer did not report sales statistics for other models. 

As the State Statistics Committee noted, in January-July 2019, UzAuto Motors produced 147,650 cars, which is 1.5 times more than in the same period last year. In 2018, the company produced 220,000 units, in 2017 – 135,000 units and in 2016 – 85,000 units.

It is noted that the company’s annual capacity is 300,000 cars: the plant in Asaka can produce 250,000 cars a year, a branch in the Khorezm region – 40,000, a branch in Tashkent, where crossovers and business sedans are assembled, can produce 10,000 cars.

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