18:08 / 21.07.2020
MP Rasul Kusherbayev criticizes UzAuto Motors for selling ambulances at extremely high prices 

Rasul Kusherbayev, a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, expressed his serious objections to UzAuto Motors that the company continues to sell its ambulances at very high prices despite the difficult situation in Uzbekistan due to the pandemic. 

Photo: KUN.UZ

“During these difficult days, many people and organizations do their best to donate medicine, medical equipment and others to make it easier for our compatriots. However, our monopolistic company UzAuto Motors sells ambulances at inflated prices,” he wrote in his Telegram channel. 

Kusherbayev gave an example of the Fergana regional administration as they have bought 20 new Damas paying 75 million soums for each and presented them to the health department to perform ambulance services.

“I am surprised by the actions of JSC UzAuto Motors. In Ufa, Russia, UzAuto Motors vehicles are left in the open field and they are corroding. Is it difficult for such a company to present Damas cars free of charge or with discounts for the sake of people in Uzbekistan? 

This monopoly, which says: “We have been with our people for 24 years”, could prove that it is really with the people, at least in these difficult days.

After all, it has been surviving at the expense of these people for so many years. Who will buy your expensive cars that are manufactured with defects? Only our people will do. They are not the people of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine who are waiting to pay for your cars, they are the people of Uzbekistan who will buy and drive them. Without these people, who are getting sick today, you will become nobody, my monopolistic friend,” he concluded.