16:35 / 19.10.2019
RoboCraft specialized courses launched in Tashkent

Three more “Barkamol Avlod” schools have launched specialized RoboCraft courses on robotics, the press service of the Ministry of Public Education reports. 

Photo: MPE

Pupils here learn to design and program robots. Teachers offer an innovative approach to the learning system and focus on modern educational methods of teaching, such as STEAM. Within its framework, pupils are taught not only new knowledge, but also to apply it instantly in practice.

RoboCraft courses are a product of a public-private partnership.

The project was implemented jointly with the Center for Innovation, Technology and Strategy under the MPE of the Republic of Uzbekistan and private investors.

At the initial stage, RoboCraft courses give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basics of programming, mechatronics, computer science, robotics, and they will learn how to put all this into practice. This is how they gain primary knowledge and necessary skills of algorithmization, and learn to independently manage their own robots.

It should be recalled that the first such courses were organized at the “Barkamol Avlod” Republican Center in January 2019.

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