15:02 / 29.10.2019
Uzbekistan may launch direct flights to Kirov Oblast
Photo: armius.ru

Uzbekistan is ready to open direct flights from Tashkent to Kirov. There is a likelihood of the emergence of international passenger bus service as well. This was announced by the Consul General of Uzbekistan Fariddin Nasriyev at a meeting with the Kirov business-community in the Business Center of the Vyatka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, bnkirov.ru writes.

Kirov Oblast is unique in terms of geographical location: it borders on 9 regions. There is a favorable availability of transport highways. For business, one of the main issues is the transportation of goods. What are the options for logistics with Uzbekistan? – the vice-president of the Vyatka CCI Andrei Usenko, a moderator of the roundtable, asked.

“Now there are no direct flights with Kirov, but I think that in any case, air transportation is more expensive than railway or automobile. There are no problems with road haulage between our entities; Customs issues have been settled long ago,” the Consul General of Uzbekistan said. At the same time, the republic is interested in opening passenger flights.

“We are ready to open additional flights Kirov-Uzbekistan, if it is necessary. If your side is interested, we are ready to raise this issue and consider it,” the Consul General said. “We can consider the opening of official bus services as well.”

“Last December, we opened the Kazan-Tashkent international bus service, which runs twice a week. If necessary, we can introduce the same service from Kirov to Uzbekistan,” Fariddin Nasriyev added.

The location of the Kirov Oblast is also interesting from the point of view of creating a distribution center here.

“We produce a lot of fruits and vegetables. In the markets and shops of the Kirov Oblast, they are very expensive, because there are 4-5 intermediaries. We can make direct contacts with your large consumers to purchase products directly,” the Consul General said. 

Among the promising areas for cooperation, the Consul General named the textile sector, pharmaceuticals, auto industry and energy.

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