15:17 / 29.10.2019
Uzbekistan purchases a large batch of Typhoon armored vehicles from Russia
Photo: vitalykuzmin.net

Uzbekistan purchased from Russia a large batch of Typhoon armored vehicles (K53949), deliveries will begin this year, RIA Novosti reports citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

“A contract has been signed for the supply of a large batch of 4x4 Typhoon armored vehicles (K53949) to Uzbekistan, deliveries will begin this year,” the source said.

In 2019, Uzbekistan already purchased Russian BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, “Tiger” armored vehicles, and “Sopka-2” radar systems. In addition, a contract is currently in force for the supply of 12 transport-combat helicopters Mi-35M to Uzbekistan.

Typhoon is a family of Russian multi-functional, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles in service since 2014. Around 120 Russian companies including KamAZ, Gaz-Group, and Bauman University are taking part in Typhoon program.

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