22:51 / 30.10.2019
Funds allocated for organizing citizens’ employment spent illegally 

It is noted that the presidential decree PF-5052 “On measures to further improve the state policy in the sphere of employment, and radical enhancement of the effectiveness of labor agencies” was adopted in May, 2017 in order to create jobs for the unemployed, especially the youth. 

In accordance with the requirements of the decree, the Public Works Fund was established to finance the participation of temporarily unemployed people in the construction, repair and reconstruction of roads and utilities infrastructure, and in the improvement of cities and districts.

In January-September of this year, 284,000 people were involved in public works, and they were paid 189.4 billion soums from the Foundation’s account.

During oversight activities by the State Financial Control Department of the Finance Ministry on the targeted use of funds, it was identified that the Foundation’s 4.7 billion soums were misappropriated.

Reportedly, employees of the organization, who are responsible for the targeted use of funds, abused their powers and embezzled money.

In the course of the audit checks, the cases of misappropriation of funds were discovered at the Center for Assisting Population’s Employment in the Andijan city (362.8 million soums), Balikchi district (52.4 million soums), Bulungur district (27.4 million soums), Bukhara district (12 million soums), Angor district (65 million soums), Sherabad district (18.4 million soums) and Baghdad district (103 million soums).

According to the report, control documents were compiled on the above cases and forwarded to the prosecuting bodies for taking appropriate measures.

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